Whenever it comes to any major, important matters in your life, whether it’s your health, finances, legal matters or Real Estate, it is always advisable to enlist the best experts in the field. Getting the right professional, who thoroughly understands the business and does his or her job well, can make all the difference in the world.

There is an abundance of Real Estate companies out there today. Many are trying to compete by enlisting as many agents, as possible in order to create larger presence and a stronger brand recognition.

In real life, quantity and quality rarely co-exist. As an individual Seller, you will either benefit from engaging a sharp, knowledgeable and dedicated Agent or, otherwise, may end up short-changed, frustrated and disappointed.

Every prospective Seller needs to understand that, in the end, it’s never about the company, but is always about that one person, whom you have entrusted your important business with.

*Selling your Real Property is a major undertaking and, usually, requires a fairly long-term commitment to the Agent/Firm you have signed-up with. There is much at stake, so interview at least a few experienced Agents, before making this important decision. Be tough and always trust your gut when choosing your Agent. View the company’s website and compare it to competing sites, research the Agent, ask for references and for her/his sales’ history, inspect their listing’s quality in terms of images, descriptions and the overall presentation. The difference between your Property being “listed” and professionally marketed can be quite drastic.

With over Twenty-Four years of expressly representing Sellers of Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties, full-time, in both, NYC and Upstate, NY we will make sure your Property gets sold well, in terms of money, in a timely fashion and to your satisfaction.

This is what we promise to do as your agent:

  • Charge you less than most any Real Estate office around, while providing you with the above-average quality service and beyond-average results.
  • Ready to show your Property any day of the week. Most of the time we will be available for short-notice showings.
  • No lock-boxes. As your agent, we are always there in person, making sure your Property is properly and safely presented, while selling it in the process, not just showing it.
  • IMPORTANT: To offer our Sellers the very best service, we subscribe to and fully utilize the latest MLS’s tool, designed to give your property the best market exposure available today. IDX, otherwise known as Internet Data Exchange, feeds your listing data directly into most every major, established Real Estate Company’s database. Once we list your Property on the MLSs, by virtue of our participation in the IDX Realtor Exchange Program, your listing WILL be found on hundreds of other Real Estate websites, ranging from local offices to the sites of the most elite and prestigious International Real Estate brokerage firms known to you and currently operating in NYS.
  • All exterior, interior, and the grounds get professionally photographed to make sure your property is selling itself and shines online. When it comes to selling a product, with Real Estate, being at the top of the list, the images and the presentation are crucial..
  • Craft the description of the Property with the help of a professional writer to maximize its appeal and help the prospective Buyer(s) to pursue it. At times, even before visiting it..
  • Get your property listed on the MLSs (Multiple Listing Services) and on nearly 60 National Real Estate-related Websites ( Trulia, Zillow,,, etc).
  • Advise you on anything that could be done to increase the property’s (curb) appeal to prospective Buyers, expedite the sale and, as always, maximize the sales proceeds.
  • Stand by you, as your trusted expert throughout the entire process, from start to finish, to make sure every step you take, is an educated and a prudent one.
  • Use major Social Media channels to widely promote and put your Property in front of as many prospective Purchasers, as possible.
  • Hold “Open House” events (if desired).
  • Distribute well-designed and color-printed circulars at multiple, appropriate locations.
  • Negotiate the best deal on your behalf. Having represented Sellers for over Twenty Four years, full-time, and having successfully facilitated over $42,000.000 in Real Estate transactions, we are quite confident we can do a great job for you as well.

Undeniably, today, the Internet has become the most efficient tool to market a Real Property by reaching the largest target audience. Your Property’s sharp presentation online is critically important. Great images, smart description, aggressive marketing and good communication combined, are the new standard in getting it sold well, reasonably quickly and with less stress.

We have recently upgraded our website to be modern in style, always up-to-date, user-friendly and easy for prospective Buyers to navigate. It has been carefully and professionally designed to market your Property in such ways, that Buyers or their Agents would easily and immediately appreciate it and make sure you are a one happy Seller at the Closing table.

We strive to do our job well by helping the best Buyer to fall in love with your Property:

Easy to find Easy to appreciate Easy to go for it

If you would like to learn more about paying less in commissions, while getting higher-quality, result-oriented service, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Perhaps, just to know your options..

Our Broker’s opinion of your property’s market value is always available to you, without any cost or obligation, whatsoever.

Dmitri Belyi, Principal Broker
Office: 518-966-5842
Mobile: 518-410-7323

P.S. Our clients and customers can rest assured that we fully understand and appreciate the importance of discretion and all your information will be kept strictly confidential.


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